Shredding Guide

We often get asked lots of questions regarding our the shredding of confidential waste paper.

To understand the facts read BS EN 15713, this is the code of practice for the secure destruction of confidential information. It is applicable to any organisation that collects, transports and destroys confidential materials.  We have outlined the main parts as well as highlighting how We Shred It delivers its services according to the standard.

The collection of confidential waste paper should be carried out using uniformed and suitably trained personnel.
We Shred It personnel are licensed within the Security Industry Authority (SIA), wear uniform and are in possession of any relevant PPE required at your premises Receive on the job training CPD training.

Personnel should carry photographic identification.
We Shred It personnel carry ID Cards and their SIA Licence.

The destruction of confidential material should take place within 24 hours (working hours) from arrival at the destruction centre.
Confidential waste paper is shredded within 24 hours of collection. We operate 24/7/365.

Vehicles (off site) Should be either box bodied or have a demountable container (Where a curtain side vehicle is used, material should be transported within a suitable sealed secure container.)
We Shred It uses boxed bodied Ford Transit vehicles. Vehicles are presently unmarked, GPS tracked and fitted with dash cams. Vehicles are restricted to a 70 MPH Speed limit. Should be able to communicate with home base by radio or telephone. All collection officers are provided with a company mobile telephone. Additionally all our personnel that are employed on collection duties must make hourly safety check calls to our 24/7 control room. Failed check calls initiate an escalation protocol.  Our vehicles are fitted with an alarm and immobiliser.

Should be immobilised or alarmed when left unattended.
Officers secure their vehicle when left unattended.

Premises Must have an administration office where necessary records and documentation is kept for conducting business.
Our office is located at: Central Boulevard, Blythe Valley Business Park, Solihull, B90 8AG.  The premises should be isolated from other business or activities on the same site. We are isolated from other businesses.

Organisations should have an intruder alarm installed to EN50131-1, monitored by an alarm receiving centre.
We have a fully alarmed monitoring system in place along with a video security alarm and frequent mobile security patrols 24/7/365 to check on the premises.

A CCTV system with recording facilities should monitor the unloading, storage and processing areas. The images should be retained for a minimum of 31 days unless otherwise agreed with the client.
Our offsite paper shredding facility is under CCTV surveillance and recorded. Images are maintained in accordance with data protection unless required for evidential purposes.

A written contract covering all transactions should exist between the client and the organisation.
A contractual agreement is required by We Shred It. It outlines our terms and the service levels we agree with you. However its not set in stone and we understand flexibility is key to work across all industry sectors.

All staff should be screened in accordance with BS7858. All staff should sign a deed of confidentiality prior to commencement of employment.
We Shred It personnel are vetted in accordance with BS7858, Credit Checked and sign a confidentiality agreement.

Where practicable, end products should be recycled.
You can be confident that all your shredded data will be disposed of securely and recycled at UK tissue mills thus closing a fully auditable recycling loop.

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