Shredding for Charites

shredding for charitiesAs a proactive member and supporter of Merseyside Search & Rescue, the team at We Shred It understand just how challenging it is to raise money for vital resources and equipment a charity requires to stay operational.

Thousands of volunteers across the country give up their free time to raise money for their chosen cause and every penny raised really does count.

Corporate Sponsorship
Asking companies to provide regular donations is a time consuming job and in the current economic climate difficult to get businesses to commit. So wouldn’t it be great if businesses could donate or raise money for charities based on the services the already use?

It’s not a new concept by any means however our suggestion is worthy of consideration. Please have a read of the following example and let us know your thoughts either via the post or Facebook.

Charity Donation Example
Company A has 10 bags per week of confidential waste paper collected weekly and lets say this is charged at £30.00. We Shred It would donate 33%. So just shy of £10 quid to charity. The charity can either be one of their choices or one of ours it is that simple. Regular monthly donations to a charity without the work.

Shredding ServicesNot using Confidential Waste Paper Shredding Services? Are you GDPR Compliant?
GDPR dictates how businesses should get rid of confidential information. We Shred It will help your business stay compliant and help the environment.

So let us tick some boxes for your business

  • GDPR compliant – Box ticked
  • Recycling in line with your environmental policy – Box Ticked
  • Helping a charity or local community project by donating – Box ticked

Also if you are a registered charity please give us a call and we may be able to collect your confidential waste paper for free.

Email us or Call us now Free on 0800  288 9082 and discover how we can help your business and charities.

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